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Condor Tail Plow

The CONDOR Tail Protection Plow is an economical solution for tail protection in light- to moderateduty
applications. The sturdy 200mm x 100mm size blade provides 50 mm wear life at service
temperatures up to 180°C and belt speeds up to 6.5 m/sec.

  • Blades of PU as well as Rubber are available as per application requirement.
  • CONDOR tail plows are available for both Unidirectional and Bi-directional Conveyor.
  • CONDOR v-Plow for Unidirectional Conveyor and CONDOR D-Plow for Bi-directional Conveyors.
  • Economical and efficient solution for Tail Protection.
  • Choice of Rubber and Polyurethane Blades to suit various temperatures and belt speeds.
  • V-Plough for unidirectional and Diagonal Ploughs for reversible application.
  • Tensioning arrangement to ensure constant contact between cleaner blade and belt.
  • Suitable for High Speed and High Tonnage belts.
  • Can be customized to meet site requirements.

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