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CONDOR PRE-CLEANER is an economical yet efficient solution for conveyor belt cleaning problems. It is designed for longterm performance to withstand punishing conditions.It is made up of Heavy Duty steel pipe frame to withstand heavy loads and high speeds. The cleaner blades are mounted with single locking pin arrangement which makes installation and maintenance easier. Ployurethane blades suitable for different application and conditions are available.

  • Pre-Cleaner incorporates a Sturdy Polyurethane blade and Heavy Duty Carrier tube
  • Minimum cleaning pressure excerted on the belt with maximum cleaning efficincy.
  • The Scraper's design allows ease of installation and replacement of the blade with removal of only one locking pin.
  • A torque-storage tensioning device ensures constant blade contact with the belt.
  • Unique design maintains a constant cleaning angle and optimum radial pressure through all stages of blade life.

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