Hercules Impact Pads

Thejo’s HERCULES Impact Cushion Pad is a combination of the salient features of UHMWPE and Rubber . While the UHMWPE has features like high wear & abrasion resistance properties and very low coefficient of friction, Rubber has features like high resilience, impact absorption properties, and Air has excellent Cushioning properties.

The HERCULES IMPACT CUSHION BED has many advantages over traditional Idler and other Impact pad systems:

The unique cushion design provides higher impact absorption.

Since there are no moving parts, usual failures such as bearing seizure, shaft bends and housing internal damages are eliminated – reducing system Downtime & Maintenance.

Unlike conventional impact idlers, the impact pad provides greater belt support area thereby increasing impact absorption and lessening the intensity of impact loads on to the belt.This drastically reduces the damages like puncturing and tearing of belts.


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